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3 Museums To Visit In Panama

Visiting museums to learn a particular country’s cultural offerings helps one become less of an uncultured person, which can be a good thing.

As one of most biodiverse locations on the planet and because of its unique geography, Panama has some interesting museums that reflect these two themes. In the 3 museums I discuss in this post can apprise you of the biology, geography and history of Panama.

Here are the 3 museums that you definitely should consider when you visit Panama City, Panama.

  1. BioMuseum


The BioMuseum (BioMuseo in Spanish) stands for “biodiversity museum”, and it is a big display of all the wide diversity of fauna and flora that can be found in the country of Panama.

A curious fact about this museum is that it was designed by the architect Frank Gehry, who has designed world-renowned attractions all over the globe.

It is located in the Causeway area of the city(which I totally recommend that you visit) and you can get there in around 15 minutes in an Uber if you’re in the city center.

  1. Panama Canal Museum

This is a must-do while you’re on your visit to Panama as you’ll definitely want to learn the history behind the Canal. Be warned: as with a lot of the history of the world, it is rough; there was racism, discrimination, segregation behind the building of the Canal.

It is the only museum in Panama that you can go to learn the history of the Panama Canal.

You can get here by getting to Panama’s Old Town (named Casco Viejo), which is really just a quick Uber ride (if there are no traffic congestions) from the city center.

  1. Panama History Museum

Now, if you’re looking to learn more than just the history of the Canal, this museum has you covered. In the Panama History Museum (which is right next to the Panama Canal Museum in Casco), you can learn the history of the entire Republic, not just the Canal.

I feel like getting to know the history of the country that one visits, helps one to become more of an intercultural traveler, and less of an ignorant person.

If you’re already in the Casco Viejo of Panama City, you can get here by just by walking a few steps.

Learning history and culture from museums is always a good thing. If you only visit these three museums when you go to Panama, you’ll be all good! Along with the other things to do in the city, you’ll want to make sure to visit these.

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Jose is a travel blogger currently based in Panama City, Panama. He holds a B.A. from the University of Louisville and his biggest passion in life is loving Jesus above everything else.

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