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3 Restaurants With A View in Panama City

Panama City has some restaurants with amazing views that I really enjoy every time I go there. Not that every city in the world needs to be compared to New York City (or anything American for that matter), but one of these particular views even feels like you’re in a modern neighborhood such as Manhattan! . Add a sunset, and a selfie and you’re in for an awesome treat.

Here is the list of 3 restaurants with a view in Panama City, Panama:

  1. Nacion Sushi

The view in the Nacion Sushi restaurant, Panama City, Panama

This is my favorite sushi place in Panama City (and possibly the best in Panama City). In my opinion, the sushi here is reason enough to visit the restaurant, and when you add in the Manhattan-like view, it is a really pleasant experience. The owners of this restaurant presumably went to Thailand and learned how to make great sushi. Add in a great view, and this place is a must-visit.

This restaurant is inside Soho Mall (Central America’s most luxurious mall) so you’ll get the added experience of getting to know Panama’s most luxurious mall(and don’t worry, the prices in this restaurant are nothing out of the ordinary). Soho Mall is in the Obarrio neighborhood which is in the center of the city, so it’ll be easy for most to get to this location by taking an Uber, by your own rental car, or even walking.

I would recommend the Great Wall Sushi(Gran Muralla) Roll.

  1. Casa Casco

The view from the rooftop at the Casa Casco restaurant in Panama City, Panama.
The view from my seat at the restaurant

This restaurant is located in Panama City’s most popular tourist spot: Casco Viejo or “Old Town”. Casco is worth a whole trip on its own, so when you go, make sure to add the Casa Casco restaurant to your list. It is located in the Plaza Herrera of Casco Viejo.

The rooftop view here is worth checking out as well, and when you add in a sunset, it becomes a great spot for a selfie.

  1. La Vespa

La Vespa is an Italian restaurant some have called “the best Italian restaurant in Panama” and is located in Panama’s former Trump tower (which was recently renamed to JW Marriot). In case you got tired of rooftop views, and want a different type of view, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered with this one.

La Vespa offers an ocean view that is lovely; add in a sunset and you’re again, in for a treat.

Getting here isn’t inconvenient either as you can get to the ocean-side hotel without a hassle from the center of the city. Without any traffic congestion, Panama City distances aren’t like US distances where everything is 30 or 40 minutes away. You can get anywhere within the city relatively quickly if there is no traffic.

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