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The 16 Best Things To Do In Boquete, Panama

Boquete is the tourist destination in Panama which gets the most amount of visitors every year! (yes more than Panama City), and it contains a lot of attractions worth checking out, and beautiful nature.

Things to do in Boquete Panama

Here Are The 16 Best Things To Do In Boquete, Panama:

1. Go To The Mirador At the Entrance

The mirador offers a beautiful view of Boquete and the river that passes through it, and the surrounding mountains. Also, the Boquete sign signals the entrance to Boquete, so you can’t miss it. Make sure to take photo of yourself with it.Make sure to take a photo here!

2. Finca el Oasis zipline

The zipline at finca el Oasis is the best zipline in Boquete, and you’ll want to make sure not to miss it. It’s located on the slopes of the Baru volcano and the area is beautiful.

3. Pipeline Trail

Of all the hikes in boquete, the Pipeline trail is the easiest one. It’s flat, beautiful and you can spot the world-famous resplendent quetzal.

4. Coffee Tours

When you visit boquete, you can’t miss a tasting of the famous Geisha coffee, which happens to be the most expensive coffee in the world and is produced here in Boquete and the surrounding mountain towns. So, make sure to book a coffee tour.

5. Pony Riding

When you cross the bridge that is in the middle of town, you’ll see a man with two ponys, which are really cute. If you are coming to boquete with your kids, make sure to not miss a ponys!

6. Horseback riding

In the main plaza in the center of town, at one of the offices of the excursion companies, you can pay to go horseback riding. It’s lovely, it’s fun, so don’t miss it!

7. River Rafting

River rafting is also possible in boquete. For those who love thrill experiences, make sure to go river rafting, which you can also book in of the excursion companies in the center of town.

8. Volcan Barú hike

The hike to the top of the Baru Volcano is one of the best hikes in Panama. From here, you can see both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea at the same time on a clear day.

9. Go Sheep-Watching

Do you love animals? At Finca El Oasis, you can see many lovely sheep. You just have to book a tour of the farm in advance.

10. Cascadas Perdidas

The Cascadas Perdidas hike or Lost waterfalls hike is one of the popular hikes in boquete. It offers not one, not two, but three beautiful waterfalls at distinct locations during the hike. Make sure not to miss it!

11. Cangilones De Gualaca

The cangilones de gualaca is a river that passes through a mini-canyon and is around 30 minutes from boquete. It is a very fun place to visit. It’s a river and a mini-canyon which lush vegetation around.

12. Sendero De Los Quetzales

The sender de los quetzals, which literally means “Quetzal trail” is an amazing opportunity to spot the world-famous resplendent quetzal bird, and the area surrounding the hike is beautiful as well.

13. Feria De Las Flores

The feria de las flores y del café event held at boquete is known in the whole country. It’s only in January and you’ll see tons of beautiful flowers and taste a lot of coffee. Make sure not to miss it!

14. Piedra de Lino Trail

The piedra de lino hike offers lovely views of the whole town. For your own security, don’t go to this hike without a guide.

15. Strawberry picking

At one of the farms in town, you can go strawberry picking. Just call in advance and go strawberry-picking! If you wish you can also harvest vegetables.

16. Jardin El Explorador

The Jardin el explorador is a botanical garden which is worth visiting in boquete. For those who love botanical gardens, it’s the garden to go in boquete.

Safety Tips In Boquete, Panama

For your safety, never go hiking anywhere in Boquete alone. Always go in a group of at least 5 people.

Overall, make sure to add this list of things to do in boquete, panama to your itinerary. Boquete is worth visiting!

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